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A proprietary formulation to boost the performance of your immunity system. Its unique ingredient that has undergone a patented fermentation process is dedicated to activate the macrophage to enhance the immunity system.

What is Shiruto?

Belixz Shiruto is a new health and wellness vitamins product from BE International.

The macrophage

What can Shiruto product do for you?

Everyday, we contact, consume and inhale millions of potential pathogens.

Pathogens are microorganisms, germs, viruses etc that cause sickness and diseases in our body. 

To fight pathogens, our body has a very sophisticated and subtle immune system. 

Body immune shield


Macrophage is a very important cells for our immune system. In fact, it is the most important immune cell to fight against diseases. Macrophage roles are:

1) Protect the body

2) Regulating immune system

3) Eliminate aged and abnormal cells

4) Repair cells

However, macrophage can be weakened by:

  • Aging
  • Environment pollution
  • High temperature
  • Low temperature
  • Noise
  • Lifestyle

If weakened, it will affect your immune system. This is where Shiruto comes into the picture to assist macrophage.


The shield

The world Shiruto actually means “shield” in Japanese. It shields your body from pathogens which can cause harm and sickness in your body. There are 4 key elements to Shiruto and I will explain them below:

1) Unique ingredients

Shiruto contains a key ingredient call IP-PA1(Immunopotentiator from Pantoea agglomerans 1)

What is IP-PA1?

 IP-PA1 is a wheat extract collected from a proprietary fermentation process.

It is important vitamins for our immune cells.

What IP-PA1 does is it binds to the macrophages surface receptor call TLR4 to activate macrophages.

Back in 2011, three scientists discovered the key principles of immune system activation and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2011 was divided, one half jointly to Bruce A. Beutler and Jules A. Hoffmann “for their discoveries concerning the activation of innate immunity” and the other half to Ralph M. Steinman “for his discovery of the dendritic cell and its role in adaptive immunity.”

Source: The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2011. NobelPrize.org. Nobel Media AB 2018. Fri. 14 Dec 2018.

The other ingredients in Shiruto are blueberry powder, Maltitol, Vitamin C, baker’s yeast extract and silicon dioxide.

Is Shiruto halal? Yes it is.

Shiruto is halal because the product is made in a halal certified factory in Japan (see picture attached).

2) Patented fermentation and extraction process

Shiruto was created through a unique and patented processing method designed to ensure optimal performance of IP-PA1.

Shiruto activates macrophages

3) Clinically proven: activating the macrophages

The IP-PA1 in Shiruto sachet is clinically proven in protecting our body. The following are some of the clinical test results.

Shiruto clinical test 1

Shiruto clinical test 2

Shiruto clinical test 3

Shiruto clinical test 4

4) The first and only ingredient recognised by the CIITRA from Japan

CIITRA stands for Control Of Innate Immunity Technology Research Association. Basically it is an association created to study and promote the science and technology related to our natural immune system.

The first and only ingredient recognised by CIITRA is IP-PA1.

The following is a timeline of the discovery of IP-PA1.

IP-PA1 timeline

From the year 2010 until present, the Innate Immunity Control Technology Research Association (certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan) was established to conduct further research and development (R&D) on IP-PA1.

This shows the immense potential in IP-PA1 and Japan has channeled more resources to uncover more of its secrets.

[Shiruto By BE International Presentation By Dr Hiroyuki Inagawa]

How to consume?

How do you consume or eat the product?

What is Shiruto’s recommended dosage?

It is recommended to take 1 sachet in the morning and 1 sachet at night preferably after meal.

The maximum for adults is 4 sachets per day and for children, the dosage is 1 sachet per day.


The following are some of the results from people that have taken Shiruto that I’ve found on the internet.

1) Reduce acne

Reduce acne

The appearance of acne is reduce after taking Shiruto

2) Reduce eczema

Shiruto reduce eczema

The appearance of eczema reduced after taking Shiruto

3) Reduce mouth ulcer

Shiruto reduce mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcer reduced after taking Shiruto

4) Reduce rashes

Shiruto reduce rashes

Reduce rashes on a kid’s back

Reduce rashes on toddler

Reduce rashes on toddler’s skin

5) Reduce redness and itchiness on skin

Reduce redness on skin

Redness on palm reduced after taking Shiruto

6) Helps with skin infection

Skin infection

Shiruto helps with skin infection

7) Helps with skin allergy

Skin allergy

Shiruto reduces skin allergy

8) Helps with psoriasis

Shiruto helps with psoriasis

9) Helps with wound recovery

Shiruto wound recovery

Helps to heal wound that takes a long time to recover

Disclaimer: Your results from taking Shiruto may differ from the testimonials above. What worked for others, may or may not work for you.


Shiruto product catalog in PDF



Key ingredients: Fermented Wheat Extract

Other ingredients: Blueberry Powder, Maltitol, Vitamin C, Baker's Yeast Extract, Silicon Dioxide.

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